Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Change In Perspective

I thought I was going blind. One day in the middle of May I realized that the vision in my left eye was all blurry. Half of my field of vision was covered with a brown curtain, the other half was like looking through a half inch of water. How strange, all of a sudden I couldn't see right.

I went to my apartment, I was living in Viet Nam at the time, and searched the internet. Big mistake. I was sure I was going blind. So many possibilities and all bad. I hoped that it was just temporary, but I knew deep down that it was serious. By the end of the week I had figured out that I had a detached retina. If not taken care of I would go blind. And chances were that what caused it in one eye could cause it to happen in the other.

I should have left Viet Nam immediately, but I was scheduled to leave in two weeks. I didn't want to make my students nervous and I didn't know for sure what was going on. Although if I did have a detached retina they said I should have it looked at immediately. Fool that I am I stayed till the end of May and saw my opthamologist the first day back in Rhode Island.

I did have a detached retina. Fortunately, if you believe in fortune, my eye looked surprisingly healthy, and the macula was still attached. (If it was not I would be really screwed.) On June 3rd my eye was stuck with a needle and a gas bubble inserted. I had to spend the next two weeks in bed laying on my right side so the bubble could push my retina back in place. Amazing. No cutting was necessary to fix the tear in my retina. But..and this is a big but...they used a laser to "tack weld" the retina in place permanently. And that hurt like hell. Like someone sticking needles in your eye.

It's been a month now. My vision significantly improved, but is far from back to normal. My doctor said that this is it, but everything I read on the internet says it will take several months for the eye to heal and the body to remove the fluid behind the retina which is causing my vision to look like I'm seeing through water. So, who knows what will happen. And I still have a 15% chance of the same thing happening to my other eye.

I know now that I most likely will not go blind, but, I could end up with bad vision in one or both eyes. Who knows? I admit I'm a little nervous. But, I keep hearing a voice in my head. I've heard this voice all through my ordeal. It says to me that "the universe is a safe place." And  "don't worry, nothing happens by chance." Do I ask "the universe" to heal my eye and make it all better, of course. And at the same time I feel a strong sense of peace that whatever does happen is best for my soul. Nothing goes wrong in our universe. There is a plan and a reason behind everything that happens to us. That is my perspective, even if my vision must change.


Dennis Willmont said...

You should have me check your pulse. Energies must be imbalanced for this to happen and for it to get worse. If I can detect something on your pulse that corresponds to the problem, the chances are good that further deterioration can be prevented with acupuncture. Keep in mind that acupuncture pulse diagnosis is radically different from western pulse diagnosis and should not be compared with it.

Dennis Willmont

Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.

mdoubleu said...

Glad I stumbled upon this!

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Anonymous said...

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