Friday, May 26, 2017

A Fish in a Tank

We are fish in a tank. Not really sure where the tank ends. It's a big tank. Actually, we can't see the end of the tank it's so big. We live in this tank, and everything goes along obeying the laws of physics. That is, most of the time for many people.

Some fish in this tank have odd experiences though. For example, this fish here, Frank. Being highly educated and a rational fish accepts the laws and theories of science. Climate change is real. Evolution can be seen in historical perspectives. The universe, I mean this fish tank,  began with a big bang. Etc. 

For many people that's it. All that exists is this fish tank. Everything experienced occurs according to the laws of physics and chemistry in our little world. There is no proof that there is anything beyond the fish tank.

The Frank fish would be happy to agree with these people. He doesn't want to look like a stupid fish believing in fairy tales from the past. How can there be anything beyond our fish tank? But, early in this fish's life strange things happened. Once, while jumping out of the water he saw a glimpse of a sky and land outside the tank! (Maybe it was the LSD he took.) 

But, then it happened another time without help. Not sure that the fish dreamed it up or it actually happened but a voice from outside the tank told him something that surely could not have come from inside the tank. It wasn't just that the voice sounded from outside, but the message was so powerful, such a directional force for the fishes life that the fish is convinced, even 30 years later, that no fish intelligence could ever have made this up.

It happened one time, again, not knowing if this occurred in reality or imagination (so real was the experience), the fish experienced being lifted out of the tank, was shown a dry world, and given another message that could not have been thought up by a fish. How strange. 

At this point the fish didn't know what to believe. Some fish friends think he is silly and some think not. Some have even had similar experiences. But those who have never had any experience of being outside the tank rightfully point to the science that this is impossible. And Frank fish agrees. It is impossible...but, it happened. What can you do? Maybe those experiences were just imagination. Maybe the tank is just imagination. 

The fish still swim in the tank. Who knows? The tank is certainly more interesting these days. Some problems are not meant to be answered but lived with. And who knows...maybe we all get to look out of the tank at some time.

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